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Thirty Little Turns

by Tempest



released February 23, 2018

LIEF SORBYE – lead vocals, mandoguitar, electric and acoustic mandolins, octave mandolas, flute, pennywhistle, and bodhran
KATHRYN BUYS – fiddle, harmony vocals
JOSH FOSSGREEN – bass, harmony vocals
AB MENON – electric guitars

With special guest and honorary band member:
ROBERT BERRY – keyboards

A Scottish song from the Jacobite Rebellion (1745) Johnny Cope was a commander of the government troops defeated in a dawn attack by the Jacobites.

A song celebrating some of the joys and good fortune of being Tempest, thirty years on.

The decisive battle fought between the Jacobite Army and the forces of William III near the village of Aughrim in County Galway, Ireland.

TROLLDANS (Trad./Sorbye)
A zippy little Norwegian folk song celebrating the Summer Solstice.

We thought this old Beatles chestnut cried out for a jig or two, so we added ‘Tripping Up The Stairs’ (Trad.)

LAHARD CHASE (Caryannis/Meehan)
Three recently written Reels; The Lahard Chase and In Walked Dalai by Patrick Caryannis and Harny’s Reel by Paul Meehan.

A TOAST (Sorbye/Reynolds/Fossgreen/Menon)
Lief wrote the music to Patricia’s haunting lyric, inspired by Viking lore and legend. Josh and Ab penned the fugue intro and outro.

This song refers to the ‘The Thirty Years War’,' a deadly collection of wars fought in Central Europe for reasons including religious, dynastic, territorial, and commercial rivalries. (1618-1648) The lovely tune at the end is the Brambleberry Reel written by Kathy.

MADELINE JONES (Sorbye/Reynolds)
Some fond memories of Patricia’s childhood visits with family in the faraway and fabled land of Mississippi. Dedicated to Granny Gert and dear Maddy, who told us stories and put vanilla behind her ears.

SWARB (Sorbye/Trad.)
A medley of tunes dedicated to the memory of the late, great fiddler Dave Swarbrick (1941-2016) The Brilliance Medley (Trad.) Swarb (Sorbye) Villafjord (Trad.)


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Tempest Oakland, California

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Track Name: Thirty Little Birds
It starts with a jump
Off the Starry Plough stage
Flipping your mom’s skirt
Soon was all the rage
With Bri and Micki Backstage
Before the Tractor call
On Edge in Vancouver
In the Wisest Club of all

30 little kitties
Come a-runnin’ at the tree
30 little birds of love
Fly away with thee
All the holy reasons
Life has given you to me
Several charming decades
And Maria Fly Fly

Then red-headed Pat
In his fine big boots
Old Man Flint and Cathy in cahoots
Dorie & The Lovin’ Cup
A spicy curry we ate up
Mike, Pete and The Mighty Dan
The Hall of Fame
In Cleve-ish-land

Samantha, Bob and Melanie
And their big hearts
Icy Deb and Lika
And their pretzel-chocolate arts
Master Dave and little Laz
A-codin’ on the screen
Bob & Diane’s sing-along
An autoharp scene.

The Philly Folk Fest living room
With Barb and all your friends
The tartan heart of Pleasanton
Sonora’s Karnahan
The piney woods of Enumclaw
And Dublin’s rampant green
The Northern Faire in fancy dress
Captain Morgan and The Queen.

With Sandra in the Highlands
And Lee Bowers cozy nest
Johnny’s Tartan rocks
CBGBs was a test
Morris-dancing Judy
And E and David Stein
Focal Point’s a welcome
Then Beatle Bob at 9

Cropredy with Fairport
Sandy Skagen by the seas
Mick on Canal Street
And Gene Shay when he MCs
Allen and Judy
And the Leathery Sun
A workshop at Falcon Ridge
Is how we have begun
Track Name: A Toast
Here’s to all that holds you up
When flanked by sky and wave
And here’s to the smile that stays behind
To kindle and to save
And here’s to the bright atop deep greens
That leads us ever on
And here’s to the warring heart of queens
And the treasure that will be won

Here’s to a love and here’s to a land
And the blood for each was spilt
And here’s to the axe that fit a hand
By which our world was built
And here’s to the power of a word
That paused on a quivering lip
And here’s to the treacherous sailing bird
That sank a beautiful ship

Here’s to all that holds you up
When flanked by sky and wave
And here’s to the smile that stays behind
To kindle and to save
And here’s to what was worth a life
That sleeps in the cold below
The golden shapes of human strife
Where never a man may go
Track Name: Madeline Jones
The clean, dark hope of cotton left drying in the wind
Love of a big-heart woman that dying doesn’t end
The voices raise up in the air beyond the Hopewell grove
The shady woods, I’m with you where you drove

Girl in a stone cold basement shining in the light
Stories through the iron steam the cotton smooth and white
You planted in those seed trees to cheer a somber child
For all I know they grow there still and wild

Now from a weary distance I see you in my dreams
The sound of a train so lonesome another life it seems
Now Mr. Ott is selling cans around the bend from God
I lose my place and you just think I'm odd

Drove out by the river where the homestead used to be
All the roads were named for them the seven kids and me
Shadow in the shotgun house is always cool and dark
In the window song of meadowlark

I saw him decades later when they laid her down to rest
Dark eyes turned to opal and looking to the west
Purple martins lace the sky above the Williamson place
Generations since they saw your face

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